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Published March 14, 2012 09:46 AM

The Death and Rebirth of the Car Company

The car company is dead, long live the car company!  No, I’m not trying to pour cold water on the notion of the rebirth of Detroit, as effectively marketed by Chrysler and Clint Eastwood in the recent Super Bowl ad. Chrysler, Ford and GM have all done impressive phoenix impersonations, arising from the ashes of the SUV-dependent era to soar again with the winds of financial health and strong sales at their backs.


However, these companies as well as their competitors in Germany, Japan and Korea, will soon no longer be car companies. Or even automotive companies. Slowly, methodically, and purposefully, they are transforming into mobility companies as their inevitable incarnation for the future.

In mature automotive markets that may have already hit peak car sales, the companies formerly known as automakers have expanded their focus beyond pushing metal to becoming more sustainable (in all senses of the word) transportation solutions providers. Mobility is the linchpin for their growth, and it encompasses optimizing getting folks from here to there through multi-modal transportation, including public transit, personally owned vehicles, walking, bikes and car sharing.

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