From: Queensland University of Technology
Published November 2, 2017 09:48 AM

Australian Tourism Policies Fail to Address Climate Change

Australia’s Federal and State governments are failing to produce effective long-term tourism policy to address climate change, according to the findings of new QUT-led research.

  • Tourism contributes to climate change
  • Tourism policy on climate change in Australia is inconsistent and ineffective
  • Federal and state governments are not collaborating on best practice approaches to tourism policy on climate change
  • The tourism industry can contribute to the sustainable management of climate change


Dr Char-lee Moyle, from QUT’s Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, and her co-authors from Griffith University and James Cook University analysed 477 relevant documents for their paper - Have Australia’s tourism strategies incorporated climate change?

Just published in the international Journal of Sustainable Tourism, it reveals only 21% of Australia’s tourism strategies mention climate change, with most simply acknowledging it as an issue.


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Image: A QUT-led study has found Australia's Federal and State governments are failing to effectively consider climate change when formulating tourism policy. (Credit: QUT Marketing & Communication)

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