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Published June 14, 2010 07:02 AM

Kevin Costner’s Oil Extractor Ready to Take Action in the Gulf

Kevin Costner, actor, musician and environmentalist is ready to help clean up the Gulf oil spill with a centrifuge device that is already in the Gulf waters, ready for action.

Concerned about the short-term and long-term ramifications of oil spills in 1993, Costner procured a technology transfer from the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory for a centrifugal oil-water separator. He subsequently founded Costner Industries (CINC) and committed the next 15 years, and over $20 million to fund the research efforts of team of scientists, product development, advocacy and outreach. The goal was to be a first line of defense in oil spill clean-up and recovery.


The result is a rugged, compact portable device that uses centrifuge technology to separate oil from water.

The CINC Liquid-Liquid Centrifugal Separator utilizes the force generated by rotating an object about a central axis. By spinning two fluids of different densities within a rotating container or rotor the heavier fluid is forced to the wall at the inside of the rotor while the lighter fluid is forced toward the center of the rotor.

According to company sources, "CINC Industries liquid-liquid centrifuges have been installed worldwide for applications in the petroleum, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, food, fragrances, printing, and environmental industries. An adjustable heavy phase weir and variable speed motor provide the flexibility required to deal with specific gravity differences. The self-priming design of the centrifuge will accept a wide variation in flow and can be pumped or gravity fed. The centrifuge performs a wide range of separation, extraction, washing and reaction operations."

Costner and representatives of Ocean Therapy Solutions, the firm that developed the machine, demonstrated the centrifugal device for BP officials in New Orleans last week.

At this time, BP officials have agreed to test the technology.

According to news sources, officials with Ocean Therapy Solutions have indicated that one of Separator models is capable of cleaning up to 210,000 gallons of water per day. The oil extractor leaves the water 99 percent clean of crude, the firm said in a statement.

Ocean Therapy Solutions (OTS) conducted successful tests of its centrifuge devices in brown water this past weekend and planed to test the machines in deeper, blue water, according to news on the OTS website,

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