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Published September 21, 2012 02:20 PM

New forest map shows 6% of Amazon deforested between 2000 and 2010

 An update to one of the most comprehensive maps of the Amazon basin shows that forest cover across the world's largest rainforest declined by about six percent between 2000 and 2010. But the map also reveals hopeful signs that recognition of protected areas and native lands across the eight countries and one department that make up the Amazon is improving, with conservation and indigenous territories now covering nearly half of its land mass.


The map was produced by RAISG, a joint effort between 11 member country organizations: the Amazon Conservation Team Suriname, DEAL-French Guiana (Guyane Française), EcoCiencia (Ecuador), Friends of Nature Foundation (Bolivia), Gaia Amazonas Foundation (Colombia), IBC (Peru), ICV – Centre of Life Institute (Brazil), Imazon (Brazil), ISA – Instituto Socioambiental (Brazil), IVIC (Venezuela), and Provita (Venezuela). The project, which is funded by the Avina Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Rainforest Foundation Norway, and the Skoll Foundation, aims to integrate and coordinate efforts to establish protected areas and indigenous reservation, overcoming "the fragmented visions commonly held of the Amazon".

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