From: NASA
Published October 12, 2017 11:48 AM

ACT-America Aims to Tell Four-Season Greenhouse Gas Story

NASA scientists are once again on the hunt for greenhouse gases in the sky.

Researchers for the Atmospheric Carbon and Transport-America, or ACT-America, study returned to the field last week to measure how weather systems transport carbon dioxide and methane through the atmosphere over the eastern part of the United States.

By measuring those greenhouse gases, they hope to improve our understanding of where they originate. And in the case of carbon dioxide, they hope to learn more about where it’s being absorbed. Ultimately, by giving scientists a clearer understanding of what the sources and sinks are, the study could help refine climate models, which could in turn inform future policy decisions around the production of greenhouse gases.

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Photo: A C-130 from Wallops Flight Facility prepares for ACT-America's fall flight campaign. Photo Credits: NASA/Patrick Black

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