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The Living Oceans Foundation is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of living oceans through research, education and a commitment to Science Without Borders®. Our work is focused on preserving life in the world's great commons, the oceans, and is carried out by scientists from every corner of the globe. Over the past five years, the Living Oceans Foundation has specialized in state-of-the-art data collection techniques, collaboration among international teams of scientists, partnership in service to ocean conservation, and public outreach. Coming Up: From November 12-14, 2007, the foundation's exciting Project SeaCAMEL will connect students and marine enthusiasts to a series of coral reef experiments live broadcast and webcast from NOAA's Aquarius Undersea Laboratory, off the coast of Key Largo.

Website: http://www.livingoceansfoundation.org


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Live TV From The Bottom Of The Sea: Project SeaCAMEL:
August 24, 2007 05:59 PM - , Living Oceans Foundation

KEY LARGO, FL -- Imagine yourself in class on the ocean floor at the world’s only underwater laboratory, a robotic fish named "Fetch" swims by collecting data, while a team of "aquanauts" amazes you with high-tech experiments in coral reef ecology. The education effort is being produced by the The Living Oceans Foundation.

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