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TriplePundit is a tripod of resources surrounding the Environment, Society and Business. You can't have a successful economy without a healthy environment and a healthy society, and vice versa. That concept is called the triple bottom line, which is where the triple part of the name comes from. It's a new and broader way of looking at business and the world.

The model of the site is to be a digest. Triple Pundit is not offering heaps of editorial commentary, just talking about things they've found valuable and interesting.

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Nick Aster

An End to the Petrodollar?
November 13, 2007 10:44 AM - , Triple Pundit

On Friday, June 16, 2006 Samuel Brittan wrote in the Financial Times (page 11) that "the most likely trigger for a dollar collapse would be a US housing market setback." I read this with gratitude that someone was actually addressing this important global threat but I had to respectfully disagree. The greatest threat to the role of the US dollar as the international reserve currency, and indeed the global economy itself, is a sudden end to petrodollar hegemony.

Nanosolar: Power to the people
November 13, 2007 08:19 AM - , Triple Pundit

Nanosolar coatings are as thin as a layer of paint and can tranfer sunlight into power quite efficiently. Imagine the possibilities, from solar coated shingles to solar lined windows to solar powered cell phones and ipods. Solar powered buildings and homes might just become standard in the future thanks to this innovative technology by Nanosolar Inc. The almighty dollar will launch these thin-film solar cells into worldwide applications thanks to the fact that it's actually cheaper than burning coal.

AskPablo: What's up with "Clean Coal" and Carbon Capture and Sequestration?
November 12, 2007 08:20 AM - Pablo, Triple Pundit

Many people have asked me about the feasibility of "clean coal" paired with carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) as a genuine option for a more sustainable future. In a previous article I wrote about coal-fired power plants (see AskPablo: Coal-Fired Power Plants) so I won't beat that dead horse too much. However, I will discuss coal-to-liquids as well as the feasibility of CCS.

Some politicians will have you believe that coal-to-liquids is a viable and sustainable alternative to our dependence on oil-based fuels. Whether or not these politicians are from coal-rich states, or which party they belong to I will leave up for you to explore.

act2: The Evolution of Eco Friendly Laptop Cases
November 8, 2007 09:13 AM - Paul Smith, Triple Pundit

These days, there seems to be an abundance of green alternatives to a myriad of products. Food, cars, clothing, energy, even web hosting. And for the most part, they don't, unless you want to, trumpet their greenness. What about laptop cases? If you have a look, there's plenty of them out there: Hemp, recycled tires, even pillow cases. But what if you're well, normal, and you just want a case that you can take to work, while keeping true to your values? Up until now, you were largely out of luck. Sure, there's the new line by Targus, but it falls short, largely defining itself by what it is not, in this case, it has replaced the PVC...with what? It doesn't say.

You Can't Eat Scenery: Economic Progress, the Environment and Indicators
November 5, 2007 08:05 AM - , Triple Pundit

Well, it may not be as beloved or popular as The Year’s Ten Best Films or Ten Worst-Dressed Academy Awards attendees, but from its lofty seat on the shores of Lake Geneva, the august World Economic Forum has issued its Global Competitiveness Report 2007-2008, ranking 131 national economies based on a survey of 11,000 business leaders and according to factors grouped into 12 categories.

Ol' McDonald had a Farm (Bill)
November 2, 2007 09:59 AM - , Triple Pundit

For most of this year, Congress has been debating what to include in the 2007 Farm Bill, but there is still time for you to contact your legislators and have an influence. This opportunity to shape what food is grown, how it is grown, who grows it, and who can afford to eat it only comes around once every 5 years! Farm Bill policy is controversial and it helps to understand why. Food & Water Watch’s Farm Bill 101 provides an easy-to-read 1-page history of the development of farm bill policy.

World Series Goes Solar
October 26, 2007 11:01 AM - Paul Schaefer, ENN, Triple Pundit

The 103rd World Series is here, the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies both swinging at a shot to become the next world champs. So what does this have to do with green business?

Goodwill Revolutionizing Used Clothing
October 25, 2007 08:40 AM - Nick Aster, Triple Pundit

Buying used clothing is a great way to go green and get an interesting wardrobe at the same time. But it's still hard to get the mainstream to accept it. Goodwill has never been sexy. That may be about to change.

The Power of Smoother Noodles?: Eco-Strategies from Hamburger Helper
October 18, 2007 12:42 PM - , Triple Pundit

How many General Mills product developers does it take to envision a more sustainably produced Hamburger Helper? The geniuses came up with smoother noodles. Yes, that’s right. Smoother noodles, not the twisty kind, allow the product to settle more compactly in the plastic pouch and, thus, require a smaller cardboard box for the product. Voila! Sustainability in Action! Hardly.


Ever Wonder Where All those Foreign Aid and Development $$$ Went?
October 15, 2007 08:06 AM - , Triple Pundit

Corruption, institutionalized corruption in particular, has been a plague on societies for, well, since societies began to develop, I’d imagine. And while it almost surely exists in every country today, its scope and scale, and whether or not authorities publicly discredit and have the means and motivation to actively try and stop it, varies greatly between nations. And that makes a big difference in terms of how pervasive and damaging corruption’s effects are on the often fragile fabric that holds together the just functioning of any given society.

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