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ShipGreen eco-friendly shipping program helps you be part of the solution to climate change

ShipGreen is an eco-friendly shipping program that is an easy and fast way to help be part of the solution to climate change.

ShipGreen was launched in 2007 with the mission of becoming the leading market solution to the environmental impact of the shipping industry. By emphasizing simplicity, accuracy, scalability, and ease of use, ShipGreen provides a service that addresses a global need while helping businesses gain increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Judging a Book By Its Cover
February 11, 2008 10:02 AM - , Ship Green

By Amy Westervelt With Wal-Mart mandating reductions in packaging, the cost of fuel for freight shipments increasing every day, and everyone realizing that the “other” petroleum product—plastic—should be used more efficiently too, the past year has brought a sudden interest not only in product ingredients, but in how products are packaged. At a very basic level, the more packaging there is on a product, the heavier the product becomes, and the more it costs to ship, both in terms of fuel costs and in terms of carbon emissions. Extra packaging also has the potential to result in extra end-of-life waste, and then there are concerns about unhealthy chemical, such as PVC, found in some packaging materials.

SmartWay: It’ not just a clever name
January 29, 2008 11:36 AM - , Ship Green

Although shipping emissions are one of the largest contributors to total CO2 emissions in the U.S. and beyond, they have only been recently studied in depth. Part of the recent interest in shipping emissions and methods to mitigate them has been sparked by the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport program. Launched in 2004 after a year of study and dialogue with various research groups and consultants, the program engages trucking companies, retailers, rail companies, and individual truckers interested in reducing their emissions and helps them with everything from practical everyday fixes such as proper tire maintenance to financing for new equipment that greatly improves fuel efficiency. We spoke with Mitch Greenberg, Program Manager of the EPA’s SmartWay program to find out how it works, what companies and shippers can do to get involved with the program, and what it has planned for the year ahead.

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