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The Organic & Non-GMO Report is the only monthly newsletter that provides information needed to respond to the challenges of genetically modified (GM) foods. Meeting the demands of today's consumers awareness, The Organic & Non-GMO Report provides information and services for producing non-GMO products from "seed to shelf", preventing GMO contamination, connecting with potential buyers of non-GMO and organic products, finding non-GMO and organic ingredient and food sources, and staying up-to-date on global GM food issues.

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The Organic & Non-GMO Report is published monthly by:
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Contamination Incident Raises Concerns Over GMO Threat To Organic Industry
August 12, 2007 09:57 PM - Ken Roseboro, The Organic and Non-GMO Report

An recent accident highlights how GMO contamination problems can damage organic processors and suppliers, causing financial losses, ruining reputations, and pitting organic companies against each other. It demonstrates the need for national and/or state legislation to protect organic producers and processors against GMO contamination.

Kroger Rejects GMO Milk: The Tipping Point?
August 7, 2007 05:51 PM - Ken Roseboro, The Organic and Non-GMO Report

Kroger Food's recent ban of sales of GMO milk suggest something is afoot around genetically engineered foods. Clearly Americans are increasingly aware of GE products in their food, and they don’t like it. The food industry is now responding.

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