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Sierra Club Green Home was developed with a simple mission in mind: to help Americans make their homes more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and healthy. We do not sell products or services. Instead, we educate consumers on how to improve their home health and connect them with Providers that can help them achieve their goals. Our screening process ensures that all Providers listed on our site can help you create a greener, healthier home by reducing

your use of energy
your use of non-renewable natural resources
the presence of toxins and chemicals in your home.

While our education contains some fairly sophisticated content, we focus primarily on "non-green" and "newly-green" citizens. Research indicates the vast majority of Americans are not taking even simple steps to reduce their impact - things like installing CFLs, turning off the water when brushing teeth, recycling cans, bottles and newspapers, or looking for organic produce options. We believe this is where SCGH can have the greatest benefit, by influencing people to take those simple first steps to practice environmental responsibility at home. And of course, we offer vast amounts of education and products for the already-green who are looking to do even more.

Website: http://www.sierraclubgreenhome.com/


Gordon Wangers, CMO
Sierra Club Green Home
phone 888.SCGH.COM

Woodstoves and Pellet Stoves
September 23, 2009 10:01 AM - , Sierra Club Green Home

Cleaner ways to burn an ancient fuel Humans have been using wood fires for heating somewhere between 400,000 and a million years. Today, though, using wood involves some compromises. Modern wood-burning systems have much, much lower emissions than old ones, but still can emit more than 100 times as much pollution. This article outlines some cleaner ways to burn an ancient fuel

The Greenest White House
September 11, 2009 01:53 PM - , Sierra Club Green Home

President Obama seeks LEED certification for the White House.

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