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Published August 1, 2007 07:47 PM

Compters Aid Green Trucking

Aug 1, 2007 10:07

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- A new online search portal will allow trucking companies to increase their fleet efficiency by helping shippers and carriers to achieve higher equipment utilization rates. The information within the website helps to minimize the number of empty miles traveled by allowing shippers and carriers to identify the most efficient combination of freight loads and available trucks. The new online program, called BestMatch, was unveiled at BestTransport's "Network 2007" user conference, held in Columbus, Ohio on July 25 and 26.

"When you see a truck on the highway, there is between a 15 to 20 percent chance that it is traveling empty." said Mark Shary, CEO of BestTransport. "BestMatch lets shippers and carriers identify opportunities to fill it, resulting in real and immediate savings."

At launch, registered users of the new online program represent approximately 30,000 daily freight loads and 150,000 available trucks, with additional users being added each week. Each user has the ability to define their own network of partners, providing each with previously unavailable visibility to both freight and capacity.

The new online program evolved through a relationship with the National Industrial Transportation League, an association of the nation's largest shippers and carriers. The League's 75+ Highway Transportation Committee members helped define BestMatch and are among its first group of users.


"The results of our initial efforts with BestMatch showed that our members could find new opportunities to ship freight more efficiently than before." said John Ficker, President of NITL. "Increasing the efficiency of existing trucking capacity is a benefit to shippers, carriers and the environment as well."

For more information on the BestMatch portal, contact Adam Koltnow, Director of Network Program Management at 614-888-2378 extension 275 or visit

About BestTransport

BestTransport of Worthington, Ohio, offers the most advanced network for matching the needs of shippers and carriers. The web based service enables shippers and carriers to plan, execute and settle inbound and outbound freight activities more efficiently than previous industry offerings. The company's products enable improved freight visibility, deliver metrics to benchmark progress, reduce transportation costs and facilitate collaboration.

BestTransport connects over 4,000 shippers and carriers and processes thousands of shipments daily for industry leaders in North America, including Alcoa, Nestle-Purina, JC Penney, PPG Industries, Solo Cup and Gerdau Ameristeel. Because there is no software to purchase, members pay only for the value received. For more information on BestTransport, visit or contact Nate Riggs at 614-888-2378 extension 290.

Contact: Adam Koltnow, Director of Network Program Management for

BestMatch, +1-614-888-2378 extension 275; or Nate Riggs of BestTransport,

+1-614-888-2378 extension 290

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