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Published August 28, 2007 07:23 PM

Electricity Generating Thermal Insulation

NAPLES, Florida - A company called Nanotech, Inc, is researching thermal insulation which uses temperature differential as a source for generating electricity.

According to Stuart Burchill, CEO of Industrial Nanotech, Inc., “After almost three years of research on producing thin sheets of thermal insulation which use the temperature differential that insulation inherently creates as a source for generating electricity, we are moving to the development stage and designing the first prototype material and filing the patents necessary to protect this valuable intellectual property,”

Further he says, “The benefit of a thin sheet of thermal insulation that could be used in the walls or attics of homes or in the walls of commercial buildings and, instead of just helping conserve energy could create energy, is incalculable. The fact that there is almost always, day or night and anywhere in the world, a difference between the temperature inside a building and outside a building gives us an almost constant source of energy generation to tap into”



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