Published December 4, 2007 01:18 PM

Let There be Light - for the Next 35 Years: the Green Gift That Keeps on Giving

SAN FRANCISCO - Imagine receiving a gift this year that you'll still be using in 2042. Not only that, it also puts greenbacks in your pocket while helping the planet go green.



It's called  the "Pharox" lightbulb and it gives consumers another way to reduce their carbon footprint via this new LED lighting technology.



The Lemnis Pharox bulb is the first LED-based light to offer the warm, soft white light quality comparable to that of a traditional 40W light bulb while using no mercury, so they are recyclable, unlike CFL bulbs. Additionally, on an annual basis the Pharox bulb emits 90 percent fewer emissions than a traditional incandescent bulb, and is compatible with standard fittings.

The Pharox bulb is as energy efficient as a fluorescent bulb, and over its significantly longer lifetime -- up to 50,000 hours or approximately 35 years -- it creates significantly lower carbon emissions. 

Lighting uses 19 percent of worldwide energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption by using LEDs will significantly reduce the level of CO2 emissions, therefore impacting climate change. Lemnis seeks to diminish climate change through, among other efforts, use of technologically advanced LED lightbulbs.


"The Pharox LED bulb is this year's must-have item for anyone going green. Even switching one bulb to a Pharox can help reduce your carbon footprint and create cost savings over CFL or traditional bulbs," said Frans Otten, chairman of Lemnis Lighting. "The Pharox bulb saves on energy cost over its lifespan to ultimately cost less than a traditional incandescent bulb."



The new Pharox bulb, is available in the United States at Upscale Lighting (

About Lemnis Lighting

Based in The Netherlands and San Francisco, Lemnis was launched in 2005 as a joint-venture between Gemex Consultancy BV and Tendris Holding BV. Built upon the core mission of energy efficiency, Lemnis brings LED enhanced lighting -- the future of lighting technology -- to homes, offices and cities to significantly reduce carbon footprint. Lemnis Lighting was founded by two great-grandsons of Anton Philips, the founder of Philips Electronics. For more information, please visit


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