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Published March 21, 2008 12:56 PM

Heat Transfer Unveils High-Efficiency ModCon Boiler

EAST FREETOWN, MASS.— The new, 94 percent-efficient ModCon Commercial Condensing Boiler from Heat Transfer Products features a high-grade Inconel, load-matching gas burner with a five-to-one turndown ratio, to meet the variable needs for space heating and domestic hot water in a single application. The 500,000 Btu per hour model, for example, will operate as low as 100,000 Btu/h, saving energy on warmer spring and fall days when the heating load is light and spans just a few hours.

In addition, direct-vent sealed-combustion ModCon boilers can be stacked, two at a time, to double capacity while maintaining the same small footprint. For use in hotels and office buildings—both in new construction and for renovation or replacement projects—up to eight ModCon units can be combined to handle large heating loads. The new unit is especially suited for multifamily residential buildings that must avoid system shutdowns to maintain heat for tenants.


“The Heat Transfer philosophy is dedicated to both ModCon (modulating condensing) technology and modular boiler setups,” says CEO Dave Davis. “Instead of a single massive boiler firing to the max 24/7/365, regardless of demand, our modular concept connects multiple, modulating, high-efficiency boilers that save substantial amounts of energy by matching their inputs with the fluctuations in heat load. But these same smaller boilers, when joined together, can also meet the large-volume demands of bigger buildings.”

Built-In Redundancy a Key Feature

In addition, boiler controls are set up to permit built-in redundancy, notes Davis, so that the system is always supplying heat to the building. If repairs are needed, instead of shutting down the entire system and depriving the building of heat, the technician need only remove the boiler requiring service or replacement.

Using a Dungs gas valve that has been tested to UL, FM and CSA standards, the low-NOx burner on the ModCon boiler offers reliable spark ignition and whisper-quiet operation. Fuel conversion from natural gas to liquid propane or vice versa can be done in the field.

The new ModCon is relatively light and easy to handle. Casters are optional for easier movement of the units, all of which have adjustable legs for positioning on uneven floor surfaces. Three models are available with maximum inputs of 300,000, 500,000 and 850,000 Btu/h. Other options include a high and low gas pressure switch, flow switch, alarm bell and vent kit.

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