From: Editor, WWF
Published April 1, 2012 09:25 AM

Earth Hour biggest ever this year

Last night, as Earth Hour beganits monumental journey around the globe, hundreds of millions of people united to demonstrate that we urgently need to take action to protect our planet.


The largest voluntary action for the environment is reaching further than ever before. Earth Hour was celebrated in a record 150 countries and territories and 6494 towns and cities to send the message that our combined efforts are needed to change our future to one that is sustainable.

From the International Space Station to the Office of the UN Secretary General, to a passionate teenager who has organized Earth Hour in Libya for the first time, the global movement is inspiring individuals, organizations and governments to take action to address the important environmental challenges that effect us all.

"Turning off our lights is a symbol of our commitment to sustainable energy for all," UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon said. "We need to fuel our future with clean, efficient and affordable energy. By acting together today, we can power a brighter tomorrow," he said.

The Acropolis in Athens is plunged into darkness to mark Earth Hour. Credit: WWF

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