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Published June 26, 2013 09:26 AM

Commuting on an e-bike

It's week two riding an e-bike to work and it looks like a romance might be blossoming between Susan Clark and her borrowed bike......

It's only been a week but already I am feeling better, healthier, fitter and even a little trimmer.


I have a nasty ripened mango-shaped and size bruise on my bottom. Raising just one eyebrow, my husband has casually enquired how I might have acquired this? In all honesty, I am not sure but I have a hunch it might be linked with my recent acquisition (on loan) of a supercharged e-bike which I have now spent a whole week using to cycle to and from work.

In that week, I have mastered (a) starting, including tricky Devon hill-starts (b) the use of the throttle up said hills and (c) managing not to motor straight for the hedge every time there is another form of transport and/or life (lorry, car, caravan, hearse, dog plus its walker and even police car) on the same patch of road.

The police car was a worry. It kind of snuck up behind me on the one day I somehow managed to lose my cycle helmet somewhere between home and work. I have not yet mastered either (a) stopping suddenly with any kind of balance or grace or (b) turning my head nonchalantly over my shoulder to check out what kind of vehicle is behind and so said police car was practically alongside me before I knew we were sharing the road.

Smart E-Bike concept image via Shutterstock.

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