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Published July 25, 2013 06:12 AM

EV charging stations becoming more common

As the race to the mass market continues it seems as though the thoughts of electric vehicle drivers are now turning towards charging stations in their area. If you read the motoring press you will see much focus upon battery journey capacity when in reality there are now more charging stations than ever before, with recharging times now falling dramatically, a 30 minutes recharge while you shop could be all it takes to get you home.


It will be interesting to see as and when the EV industry moves on to promote charging stations more aggressively to the wider public. Initially there were concerns about electric vehicle technology, this then switched to battery technology and while it would be wrong to say these two issues have been resolved conclusively there is no doubt that great progress has been made.

Are you aware of charging stations in your area?

If you ask this question to the vast majority of the general public they would likely suggest they are not aware of charging stations in their area at the moment. The beauty of asking this question is that they will be on the lookout for charging stations when on their travels and the likelihood is that there will be stations aplenty when you are looking for them. While the situation may be slightly different in the US, and some European countries, on the whole local authorities have not been over active in the area of promoting charging stations.

Quote from : "The recent news flow from the EV industry suggests that more and more charging stations are appearing in the US and around the world. Have you seen any new charging stations in your area?"

We are now starting to see the emergence of electric vehicle charging companies who are gaining in media exposure and reputation. Indeed in the UK we are on the verge of the first electric vehicle recharging company floating on the stock market. This will not only give much-needed access to additional investment funding but will also significantly increase the profile of the industry as a whole.

Photo of charging station courtesy ChargePoint.

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