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Published June 23, 2017 11:39 AM

Invention could slash energy consumption

An Egyptian inventor has successfully tested a safe electricity system for homes that eliminates the risk of electric shocks and reduces energy consumption significantly.

The inventor, Tarek Shaaban, who is based in France, has tested the system in his four-storey house and is now attempting to scale up his invention, having persuaded a company affiliated with the Ministry of Military Production in Egypt, the Benha Company for Electronic Industries, to evaluate it.

Shaaban was awarded a patent for the Safe Electrical Connection in Buildings system in 2008 by the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. The invention also won a gold medal at the Geneva International Invention Fair held this year (29 March to 2 April). He told SciDev.Net his invention "transforms electricity voltage from 220V to 14V, making it safe and saving money, without sacrificing the quality of lighting”.

It does this by relying on an electromagnetic circuit which reduces resistance to the flow of electric current to the lowest possible level. This then reduces the electricity consumed to the lowest level, saving more than 85 per cent of energy consumption, according to Shaaban.

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Photo credit: RomanJuve via Wikimedia Commons

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