From: Hellen Berger, Associated Press
Published October 26, 2006 12:00 AM

Brazil Bus Firm Powers Fleet on Biofuels

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- South America's largest city might be getting a bit greener. A bus company in Sao Paulo is now powering part of its fleet with a new mix of biofuels and diesel in an effort to curb emissions and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

The mix _ a blend of 30 percent biodiesel, 8 percent alcohol and 62 percent petroleum diesel _ will eventually be used by 1,900 buses, about a quarter of Sao Paulo's entire bus fleet, said Paulo Mendes, director of B100, which was created by the Itaim Paulista bus company to research alternative fuels.

"We are worried about the environmental situation and about Brazil's dependency on international petroleum," Mendes said.

The fuel was developed as part of joint effort between B100 and state-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA, known as Petrobras.

Brazil has been a leader in the development of biofuels, with ethanol providing about 17 percent of the country's fuel needs. Brazil also will start requiring that biodiesel be added to regular diesel at a rate of 2 percent in 2008. By the year 2013, trucks will have to run on 5 percent biodiesel.

Source: Associated Press

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