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Published May 11, 2014 09:01 AM

GM food and toxic herbicides

GM crops that resist herbicides are bringing ever higher levels of toxic chemical residues to our food, even mothers' milk, writes Pat Thomas. As the 'endocrine disrupting' effects take place at minute concentrations, there is only one answer - to keep the herbicides off all food crops.

If it is accumulating in breastmilk not only is it a danger to mothers, but it is being passed on to their babies as well with potential consequences for their developmental and reproductive health.
Question: "How many government officials does it take to make sensible decisions about pesticide regulation?"

Answer: "Nobody knows, because it's never been done."

Anybody who follows the pesticide news trail will be aware of the recent report from the US that traces of glyphosate - which since the introduction of GMO crops has become the world's most widely used herbicide - have been found in samples of breastmilk.

This was not a scientific study but a small survey by a group called Mom's Across America, intended to galvanise a full scientific study based on a large sample of women.

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