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Published September 8, 2007 06:30 PM

Long Island Town Requires LEED Certification

Babylon, NY - Developers and builders in Babylon, New York, are preparing to register their buildings for LEED certification to comply with a 2006 local law that goes into effect in December 2007. The law requires all new commercial buildings larger than 4,000 ft2 (400 m2) to achieve at least a LEED Certified rating.

In addition, projects applying for building permits must pay three cents per square foot (32 cents/m2), up to $15,000, to a town fund used to support and promote green building; if the building achieves LEED certification, the fee is refunded.

If the building fails to achieve certification, the fee is forfeited and serves as the penalty for noncompliance with the law. According to Peter Cardona, past chair of Long Island’s US Green Building Council chapter, the law has been well received by townspeople and developers alike. Cardona noted that the neighboring town of Islip is considering a similar law.


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