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Published February 14, 2008 09:19 AM

Tips for an Eco Friendly (and so romantic) Valentine’s Day

How many of you are still trying to figure out creative ways to spice up your evening?  White Apricot asked me to share my tips for an eco friendly romantic celebration that doesn’t use up Mother Nature’s resources.

Tip #1: Get away…by staying in.  Set up your bedroom as a love shack.  Rinse your favorite sheets in scented detergent, sprinkle your favorite perfume under your bedspread or place lavender under your pillow (all organic or natural, of course).

Tip #2: Set up a treasure hunt in your home. Write down clues that lead your loved one to some heartfelt mementos.  Items, like photos of the two of you or old menus or matchboxes from your favorite haunts, will remind your significant other why he or she fell in love with you in the first place.  Maybe the last clue leads to a picnic for two right there in your favorite room of the house…the bedroom.

Tip #3: Conserve water by bathing together.  A bubble bath…either before or after sex…is one of the most romantic acts a couple can do together.  The key word here is togetherness.  Sure, showers can be sensual, but bubble baths conserve more water and are playful too.


Tip #4: Don’t buy roses…Instead, give a rose bush.  This year, forgo the usual dozen roses and give the gift that keeps giving, year after year.  Rose plants come in all sizes, either as bushes or vines, and can thrive in something as small as an apartment deck.

Tip #5: Light a fire…with scented candles.  Sadly, burning wood in your fireplace sends out a lot of toxins.  So instead, line up soy candles of all different shapes and sizes inside the fireplace to set the mood.

Tip #6: Make a Valentine’s card. Use old photos, perhaps one of your baby photos, with a photo of your significant other next to yours.  But remember, what will win your Valentine over is the personal message you choose to write inside.  Just don’t type it or send it via email.  Sure, email would save paper, but on this day, the primary goal is to be romantic, right?!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Josie Brown,

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