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Published April 9, 2008 09:19 AM

High On Green (Shoes)

Well eco fashionistas of the world, it’s true-eco-friendly high heels are still few and far between. Greenloop has pulled together the most gorgeous high heels for Spring…we wish there could be more, but I guess we’ll have to wait for Spring ‘09 for the green wave to take over the women’s shoe industry.

These gorgeous FSC-certified walnut wedges from Mohop are a must for Spring. Annie Mohaupt’s unique design allows you to create totally different looks depending on the way you tie the ribbons. Each handmade pair of platforms comes with 5 sets of ribbons, which allows you to have casual, office, and evening looks all from one pair of shoes. The recycled rubber bottoms makes walking in the platforms much more comfortable and you won’t have to complain about not having shoes to match your outfit this sandal season!

Now if you have a spare $750 or so for shoes (ahem), check out the gorgeous cork pumps from none other than Christian Louboutin. The designer is very focused on this renewable resource for Spring and we are more than happy to peruse eBay in the hopes of fanagling a pair. Though not so sustainable for your bank account, the hot pink stiletto may help you sustain any major fashion event in the future with ease.


The absolutely gorgeous cruelty-free “Desire Triton” strappy heel from Melissa. These rockabilly babies are produced in a sweatshop-free factory Sao Paulo, Brazil where the workers are paid high wages with great benefits. Melissa recycles 99.9% of factory water and waste, and all the overstock inventory is recycled into new shoes. Sadly, these still use PVC to make this little vegan guys, so make sure to tell the owner Zaha Hadid to look into more sustainable materials for next year’s line.

This whole green movement is a process, and all of us eco fashion warrior princesses need to do our part…especially when it comes to shoes! If you love a shoe line and wish it was more sustainable, go to the Contact section of their website and let them know. Your customer voice is huge, use it. We need eco pumps people!

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