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Published October 23, 2008 11:01 AM

Planet Earth Monoply, eco style - a review

This review is presented by mom of two boys, CarrieLou W. Her sons, Drew and Austin, are 9 and 5 years young, respectively. They agreed to provide us with a first-hand Tried, True and Green Review of: Planet Earth Monopoly.

Within minutes of receiving the game, the boys started setting up.  Sometimes I think they enjoy setting up as much as playing!  Two of our favorite things have been combined in this board game: Monopoly + the Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series.  We’ve been playing Monopoly for years and have been watching the Planet Earth dvd’s for about a year now, so it’s nice to have the two combined.

This is a great game for the tween set (9-12 year olds) as it reinforces math and reading skills by purchasing Deed Cards.  It is better than the original game, as it has fun facts on the back of the deed cards; ie:  If you buy Madagascar for $180.00, on the back of the card it tells facts about the Baobab trees (that their trunks are 23ft. wide and they can store 31,700 gal. of H20).  Who knew the Nile Crocodile can weigh as much as 2400 lbs? etc.  The kids love learning this way, and it reinforces the premise of the game: the race to save planet Earth.

This Planet Earth edition is a visual treat, as well. The board itself, deed cards and colorful money all have beautiful pictures of landscapes and wildlife from all over the world.  Even the tokens look cool!  Forget the little pewter dog and race car, our new favorites are the pewter polar bear and blue whale.

Of course, they couldn’t wait to land on Arctic and Antarctica the Park Place and Boardwalk of this version. Chance Cards are Global Exploration cards and Community Chest cards have been replaced by Animal Encounter cards.  These are fun, as you can still be sent to jail:  DISTURB HIBERNATING POLAR BEAR AND HER CUBS = GO TO JAIL.  Traditional Railroad spaces have been replaced by four different Caves from around the world; ie: if you buy Deer Cave for $200, on the back of the card it tells you fun facts, etc. This was a valuable learning experience, as they don’t know much about caves.


I would highly recommend this version, and it is by far the best Monopoly game we own.  We already have the original, as well as the SpongeBob version, Star Wars version and Disney version!!  We are becoming Monopoly connoisseurs.  Thanks again for the opportunity to review this game.  Oh, and I noticed the box is made from 100% recyclable material, unlike the others.

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