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Published October 28, 2008 10:48 AM

EcoDrive: Driving Green

The transport sector is the one of the leading contributors of carbon dioxide emissions, second only to energy consumption.  As eco-conscious consumers, we try and do our part in keeping our carbon footprints low.  We opt for hybrids over SUV’s, we form carpools, and, if you’re like me, are frequent riders of public transportation. 

Fuel efficiency is vital for a sustainable future, and UK automobile company Fiat has driven another step closer to fuel efficiency.  Their innovative system eco:Drive helps drivers monitor their driving patterns and provides insight into increasing fuel efficiency and reducing vehicle carbon emissions.  When the application is used effectively, drivers can save up to 15% of fuel consumption.


Here’s how it works: the application measures your driving patterns onto a USB stick, including acceleration, deceleration, gear changes, and speed.  The data is then uploaded onto your computer where it is analyzed, and tips are generated on areas that can be improved.  The application addresses a number of driving influences, such as aggressive driving, driving in the rain, vehicle electronics, and much much more.  So, what’s the downside?  The current Beta application can be used in only Fiat automobiles, so unless you’re planning on purchasing a new Fiat car, you won’t be able to utilize the green driving advantages of eco:Drive…bummer.

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