From: Naomi Ben-David, Green Prophet
Published September 7, 2010 08:50 AM

4 Reasons To Eat Pomegranate During the Jewish New Year

You have to love the health benefits of this amazing fruit.

With Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) around the corner, certain traditional foods are expected to appear at the table. There are many different recipes, but there are several which are universal, including honey cake (try out this amazing recipe) and certain fruits. One of these fruits, originating in the Middle East, is the pomegranate.


I have eaten pomegranate around New Year since childhood. It is only recently, however, that I realised that apart from being a traditional fruit, it is also extremely beneficial to your health. Here is a fruit which you should make part of your diet more than just once a year.

1. Full of nutrients
Just as a start, this fruit is full of vitamins that our bodies need on a daily basis. All fruit have a certain amount of vitamins,but each is unique, and includes different quantities of certain nutrients.

The pomegranate is a great source of potassium, just like watermelon and while both fruits contain vitamin C and A, the pomegranate has just under half the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in one serving of approximately 200g.

2. Antioxidants to fight disease
Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, in fact, they have between two to three times the amount found in green tea or red wine. Antioxidants are needed to fight free radicals in the body that are one of the causes of cell damage, leading to a variety of diseases including various forms of cancer.

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