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Published February 2, 2011 09:00 AM

The Bra Recyclers Help Women in Need

Ladies, let's face it. Many of us have bras in our drawer that just simply don't fit correctly, that we've hardly worn, or that we just plain don't like anymore. We can't throw them away because they were so darn expensive, so they just sit in our drawer taking up room. So why not clean out and put them to good use by recycling them?


While we've heard of recycling just about everything possible, bras have thus far been off the table. Entrepreneur Elaine Birks-Mitchell now introduces us to her business called the Bra Recyclers, a for-profit textile recycling company focused on doing their part to recycle and reuse unnecessarily textiles that end up in landfills.

By creating and supporting a network of Bra Recycling Ambassadors who assist the organization in providing deserving women with used or unused bras, the Bra Recyclers buy and sell recycled bras. They are then re-distributed through exporters and organizations to developing countries and communities around the world. Specifically, the bras are donated to breast cancer survivors and women in transitional shelters. An overwhelming number of women in need are those that are victims of domestic violence.

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