From: Paul Schaefer, ENN
Published August 29, 2007 10:17 AM

Hi-Tech Test Will Catch Vehicle Fuel Vapor Leaks In California

CLEVELAND - California is launching a new car emissions test that will catch fuel vapor leaks faster.

The technology provides a fast, accurate method of measuring hydrocarbon emissions produced by leaks in faulty gasoline delivery systems -- ones that exceed Federal EPA guidelines. The new fuel system test will become a part of the Smog Check testing routine. California vehicles (1976-1995) are tested every other year. In excess of 10 million vehicles will be subject to the test program, which is slated to begin November 1, 2007.

California leads the nation in improving air quality. Their Smog Check program is a big part of the, requiring polluting vehicles be repaired. The new technology made by Hickok Inc., will help test cars for fuel vapor leaks. State officials estimate that eliminating fuel leaks will reduce 14 tons of pollutants a day from being spewed into California's air.

California has more than 8,000 Smog Check facility locations currently operating in the state. Other states are likely to follow California's lead.

The technology uses a patented method of measuring for leaks that provides fast and accurate measurements under all conditions while minimizing test time and eliminating false failures for consumers.


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