Published October 26, 2007 05:51 PM

Green Savings are in the Bag

GUILDFORD, England - An innovative new range of reusable supermarket shopping bags has been launched to help shoppers reduce their consumption of disposable plastic carrier bags, estimated to be 220 per year for every shopper. The launch comes as London considers a tax or even a complete ban on disposable plastic bags in the capital.

 Medium argue that small lifestyle changes by large numbers of people can have a major impact in reducing waste and the creation of carbon, the main cause of global warming. The Geccobag, which holds the equivalent of three plastic carrier bags, opens out to clip inside a supermarket trolley. This, say the makers, not only cuts the average shopper's consumption of plastic carrier bags, but also reduces customer checkout time by up to 20%, making for a less stressful shopping experience. "The majority of plastic carrier bags go straight to landfill. Although these make up only a small percentage of total plastic waste, tackling the issue will help raise people's awareness of wider issues surrounding our unsustainable 'throw away' society", says Geccobags managing director Georgina Tuson-Little.



"I've been using Geccobags for about 2 months and they've really lowered my stress levels whilst shopping. I'm quite often in a rush and have my 5 year old with me - it's fair to say that my main aim is to get in and out as quickly as possible! I find I'm not rushing so much at the check out. I forgot to take them with me once and was reminded of what a pain in the neck the check out experience could be without them!" said Jane, a Geccobag customer.

A range of bags is available, including bags with built in cooler sections and bottle holders. Bags come in a range of colours including plain and floral printed canvas.

Visit the website for more details.

Notes for editors:

1) Samples are available on request.

2) For further information or to arrange an interview / downloadable photos please call Tim Little - +44(0)7770-930361

3) Web site address

About Geccobags:

Geccobags was set up in 2007 by, Georgina Tuson Little and Celeste Comber. Both switched to re-usable shopping bags two years ago but became increasingly frustrated with what was available. With over 60 years shopping experience, the two decided to set up their own business selling a range of re-usable bags - smart, designed to make shopping easier and reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastic bags.

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