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Published September 20, 2013 07:55 AM

Ford getting serious about Electric Vehicles

Motoring giant Ford has today announced plans to introduce a further 200 electric vehicle charging stations across its US and Canadian offices, development campuses and manufacturing facilities. This is in addition to the existing 1700 charging stations currently installed across dealerships and Ford owned operations in the US and Canada. This is just one of many ongoing initiatives in the EV market that should see a dramatic increase in the number of charging stations in the short to medium term.


So why is Ford looking to introduce more charging stations and what benefit will they be to Ford employees?

Current data from the Ford plant network of EV charging stations shows that three out of every four journeys to work are now completed by electric alone. The company believes that by installing a further 200 EV charging stations at commercial premises across the US and Canada this will give Ford employees the opportunity to go fully electric with regards to their working week.

The idea is that the first four hours usage of the EV stations would be free to employees with Ford estimating it will only cost around $0.50 to fully charge an electric vehicle saving staff potentially upwards of two dollars in gasoline per day. This may not sound like a very large saving but the fact is it would be every working day for the foreseeable future. These figures soon begin to add up!

Photo credit NADA.

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