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Published January 12, 2017 09:26 AM

Beijing Creates Anti-Smog Police to Fight Air Pollution

Authorities in Beijing are taking new actions to resolve the city’s ongoing and harmful air pollution problem with the creation of an anti-smog police force — but will it help?

Beijing’s acting mayor Cai Qi reportedly announced the initiative on Saturday, January 7. The dedicated branch of regulation enforcement will patrol the streets looking specifically for violations that could harm air quality, including open air barbecues, unlicensed burning of materials and improperly maintained roads.

While this might sound like a drastic action, Beijing’s smog problem has been notoriously difficult to control. Over the past month, air quality readings have been so concerning that Beijing, along with a number of other Chinese cities, has warned residents to stay indoors.

The smog problem has largely emerged due to increased coal burning for heating combined with unfavorable weather conditions. The resulting air pollution has closed schools and disrupted flights out of major Chinese cities.

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Photo credit: Suicup via Wikimedia Commons

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