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Published August 20, 2007 08:49 AM

Sustainable Table's 'Eat Well Guided Tour Of America' Finds Americans Hungry For Sustainable Food

NEW YORK, NY — Just over a week into their 38-day journey across America, the passengers on the cross-country "Eat Well Guided Tour of America" have dined with a family that has been crafting cheese by hand since the 1930s, visited bountiful local farmers markets that are as much about growing community as tasting cuisine, and seen Oakland's City Slicker Farms, which offers produce based upon a customer's ability to pay.

Anyone with a computer can join the adventure by visiting the tour's interactive site.

"When we began our bus trip, we knew that Americans were tiring of seeing food as little more than something to gobble down while driving," said Diane Hatz, who is leading the tour.

But not long after the bus took to the road in Los Angeles, Hatz and her colleagues at Sustainable Table, the nonprofit program she founded and now directs, were excited by the heartfelt commitment that so many Americans have to sustainable agriculture and healthy diets.

"So far, we've seen that local, sustainable family farms are not only alive and well," Hatz says," but that a younger generation of American farmers are committed to sustainable ideals and I believe it's just a matter of time before the farming system will be changed."

From the kickoff event in West Hollywood's King's Road Park to the "Pie and Popcorn" barn-side film screening in Bowling Green, Ohio, Sustainable Table and its local hosts are delighting in the summer's harvest at gatherings that include local food, great conversation and local music. Highlights of the tour include:

  • "Pie Across America" - Pies are a great metaphor for local, wholesome food, and their ingredients tell stories about the people who bake them and the areas where they're created. Sustainable Table is honoring pie-making traditions by baking, tasting, comparing, sharing and eating endless varieties of pies from across the country.
  • This Fall's launch of the Eat Well Guide "road trip" feature - Think Eat Well Guide meets Mapquest. Conscientious eaters will be able to map out routes with sustainable food outlets from start point to destination.
  • Moopheus and friends - Life size characters from the Meatrix are also on board the bus visiting towns across America. The bio-fueled bus is traveling across the country to potlucks, pie competitions and roundtable discussions between farmers, ranchers, chefs and retailers in over 25 states. It will finally stop at the September 9th Farm Aid concert at Randall's Island in New York City.

The trip was organized by Sustainable Table and Food & Water Watch. Sustainable Table is a New York-based nonprofit program dedicated to educating consumers about food related issues, offering viable solutions to industrial based agriculture, and building community through food. Hatz is also the award winning Executive Producer of "The Meatrix," a series of animated shorts in which "Moopheus" and other characters based on "The Matrix" expose some disquieting truths about factory farming.

"This tour is about celebrating the positive and showing that sustainable food from small, family farms is more common than we all realize. From what I've seen on the road, I have no doubt that our hunger for sustainable, healthy food will continue to grow."

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Sustainable Table
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