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Published October 26, 2007 02:15 PM

Naturepedic Addresses a Nationwide Health Crisis Facing Children

CLEVELAND, OH — A report by the National Research Council (NRC) found that 50 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. are now resulting in prenatal or postnatal mortality, birth defects, developmental neurological problems, or otherwise chronically unhealthy children. According to the report, exposure to toxic chemicals or environmental factors may have been a factor in as many as 28 percent of the 4 million children born each year, with at least 1 in 6 children having neurological or immune reactive conditions including autism, schizophrenia, ADD, dyslexia and various learning disabilities.

The National Research Council is part of a private nonprofit institution with the mission to collect, analyze and share information and knowledge with the public about matters of health, science, engineering and technology. The NRC is also dedicated to improving government decision making and public policy.

In light of reports like that of the National Research Counsel, Healthy Child Healthy World has dedicated itself to educating parents and protecting children from harmful chemicals and environmental exposures. Several celebrities, including Brooke Shields, Olivia Newton-John and Meryl Streep have teamed up with the organization to help highlight the importance of reducing the exposure children receive to potentially harmful chemicals.

"Children and babies spend a considerable portion of their day sleeping in bed" said Christopher Gavigan, CEO / Executive Director of Healthy Child Healthy World. "Traditional mattresses sometimes contain toxic substances linked to health concerns. We're pleased to recommend Naturepedic's organic mattresses to parents to help better protect the health of their children while they sleep." Naturepedic is an Ohio-based company dedicated solely to creating organic cotton mattresses that promote the health and safety of children. Naturepedic focuses on safety and maintains control over the quality and safety of its products, from design and testing to manufacturing and packaging.

Naturepedic products are recommended by physicians and non-profit children's organizations including Healthy Child Healthy World. Naturepedic recently earned GREENGUARD certifications for its organic oriented mattresses.

All Naturepedic mattresses deliver a 5 dimensional guarantee:

  • Natural and Organic - Only certified organic cotton filling is used
  • Firm Support - Extra firm high coil counts provide a safe, snug fit
  • Hypoallergenic materials - No wool or latex
  • Non-Toxic Waterproofing - Food-grade polyethylene provides a barrier to bacteria, mold, mildew and dust-mites
  • Fire safety - Meets and exceeds all federal and state requirements

About Naturepedic - Naturepedic is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of non-toxic, fire-safe mattresses for babies and children featuring organic cotton. Seeking to help parents reduce the exposure their children face to potentially harmful chemicals, Naturepedic has developed an entire line of non-toxic, organic cotton mattresses and bedding. Design and quality control for the company's products are under the direction of a Board Certified Environmental Engineer, and meet and exceed all state and federal fire safety requirements. Naturepedic products are available for purchase at over 100 stores nationwide.

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