Published September 21, 2004 05:47 PM

The Internet's landfill alternative, the Internet's landfill alternative, promotes and facilitates recycling and reuse by providing a nation-wide venue for everyone to post and find excess inventory and possessions. Goods can be listed — confidentially and without charge — for donation to charities and nonprofits or to businesses and individuals for reuse, recycling and refurbishing. Users may search for items by keyword or location, may designate that their donations be picked-up, or offer to ship to selected recipients. "Take what you need, and Throw what you don't" at, a give-away Web site that is structured, organized and easy to navigate.

" is a convenient and efficient resource for listing outdated equipment and surplus inventory for donation to charities and others," says a typical business user. For a retail establishment, taking the tax write-off is often more valuable than tying up shelf space with discounted products. is also an ideal resource for businesses engaged in recycling and refurbishing to locate equipment to tune up and resell or to use for parts. A Wanted section provides a forum for recyclers and collectors to place ads for specific parts, goods or user group participation.

Items can be Thrown into any of the site's three sections: Charity — where charities and nonprofits registered with the site can make requests for listings and are obliged to return receipts to donors; Business — where individuals and businesses can Take donated items for reuse and recycling, such as computers, office supplies, furniture and appliances; and Up-For-Grabs — a good place to list or find miscellaneous items such as bottle caps, corks, magazines and egg crates for art projects. Throwplace verifies all site-registered charities and nonprofits so that users posting items in the Charity section are assured that they are dealing with bona fide 501(c)(3) organizations able to return a receipt for tax-deduction purposes.

"I hope that businesses and individuals will pay the nominal subscription fee to Take from the Business section in order to support the site. Business subscribers will get listed in the Business Directory and show potential customers they are environmentally responsible and community-minded," says Donna Lomangino, Throwplace founder. "Wouldn't you rather deal with a business that recycles overflow rather than those whose policy is to consistently destroy and dump outdated merchandise?" The site also accepts advertising.

Lomangino personally financed and developed the site, which she commenced in late 1999, while running her graphic design business in Washington, D.C. "We encourage the use of as a responsible way to recycle and also to help those in need — a place where the public and sustainable business communities interact, raising awareness of our world-wide need to re-use and recycle consumables."

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