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Published September 14, 2004 08:11 PM

Important Mangrove Action Project Fundraising News Items

Mangrove Action Project Seeks to Match a $5000 Grant

Dear MAP Supporters,

You can help MAP match a $5,000 grant from two long time supporters. If you donate now to MAP -- at -- the value of your contribution will be matched till we reach our goal of $10,000!

Your generous support for our 2004 Matching Fund, will among other things allow Mangrove Action Project to l aunch our Migratory Bird Flyway Protection Campaign to halt destruction of important migratory stopover sites in the mangrove wetlands found along their long migratory routes where they must feed and rest before continuing on. Without these key stopover sites, millions of migrating waders, shorebirds, waterfowl and land birds will be endangered, and whole migrations could be disrupted and entire species extinguished in a short time.

Please give to MAP today, earmarking your contribution to Protect The Mangrove Flyways !

Additional Note: Our 2005 Children's Art Calendars are now available; these make great gifts for the new year! Please order your calendars now, and support MAP's important efforts!

For the Mangroves!

Alfredo Quarto, Mangrove Action Project

Partnering with mangrove forest communities, grassroots NGOs, researchers and local governments to conserve and restore mangrove forests and related coastal ecosystems, while promoting community-based, sustainable management of coastal resources.


MAP's Children's Mangrove Art Calendars for 2005 Now Available!!!

MAP's new Children's Mangrove Art 2005 Calendars are now available. In addition to these beautiful calendars, we are selling packets of 5 beautiful greeting cards containing several mangrove images from Monica Gutierrez-Quarto's artwork. to raise funds for MAP.

We are now requesting your help in selling both the calendars and card sets for MAP. If interested, please let us know how many calendars and card sets you will need.

Note: The following costs are based upon the numbers of calendars ordered:

The Calendars
1-49 Calendars @ $12 per calendar including postage in the US, $14 for outside the US
50-99 @ $10 per calendar including postage $12 outside the US
100 or more at $8 per calendar including postage, $10 outside the US

The Card Sets
Each packet of 5 cards is being sold by MAP for $10. including postage.

The calendars and card sets are beautiful items, and will make wonderful gifts for friends and family, as well as provide needed funding support for MAP at this critical time! Any donation of $35 or more qualifies the donor for an annual membership with a free calendar or card set! Please give generously today!

PLEASE help MAP stay in this fight for the future by becoming a donating subscriber today! Check our website for details ( or contact:


Work-Study Tours In the Mangroves

MAP Volunteer Work Study Tour for Mexico's Yucatan Postponed Till January 8, 2005

A mangrove-restoration and sea turtle conservation project on the Caribbean coast of Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico has been postponed from its original October 2nd date to early next year. The revised tour dates are from Jan. 8-18, 2005. This tour will help restore degraded mangroves and help rescue or care for threatened baby sea turtles, as well as explore the unique cenote (undersea cave systems) and extensive reef ecosystems of the region, as well as visit the nearby Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches. Please join MAP and local volunteers from the surrounding communities in undertaking important beach cleanup and restoration work in a paradise-like setting now threatened by short-sighted development. There will also be a workshop that deals with important and timely ecological and social justice issues.

MAP will be co-sponsoring this tour with the local NGO, SAVE, in Mexico. The tour will be limited to ten to twelve volunteers, so please register early to assure your place on what should be a very interesting experience!

For more information, please contact Alfredo Quarto at


MAP Eco-Study Tours In Thailand



A new two-week experiential ecology program will provide an opportunity to experience first hand and learn about Thailand's mangrove forests and other critical, often threatened coastal wetlands. A group of up to 16 people will be guided by Dr. Lamar Robert, a long term resident of Thailand with many years of experience leading groups in experiential learning. Your adventure begins with a tour of the canals of Bangkok, the capital city, in the past referred to as the Venice of the East, before visiting the Wildlife Fund of Thailand, the national WWF affiliate.

From Bangkok you travel to Thailand's first coastal national park, Khao Sam Roi Yot (The Mountain with 300 Peaks) Marine National Park, on the Gulf of Thailand to observe marine and freshwater wetlands of international importance as well as see beautiful beaches. Learn about the environmental and social impacts of prawn farming. The park also offers a good opportunity to view Water Birds, Dusky Languor and Water Monitor Lizards.

By overnight sleeper train you continue south to Trang Province on the Andaman Sea. Here you will meet with representatives of two different types of NGOs: the international organization, Mangrove Action Project (MAP), and the grass-roots NGO Yadfon Association; Both which are working in different ways to protect Thailand's coastal resources while improving the lives of the local people who depend on coastal resources for their livelihood.

From Trang you travel by bus to the island province of Phuket, the historical center of maritime activities in ancient Thailand. Here you will visit the aquarium of the Phuket Marine Biological Center and learn about the endangered "Dugong" a close relative of the Manatee and the importance of seagrass from a Thai marine biologist.

For the trip highlight you will spend three days on an island located in famous Phang Nga Bay, populated by traditional fisherfolk. You will actually live in the villages with the local people as you learn about their ways of life and their activities to conserve coastal resources on which their livelihood intrinsically depends. The program ends with a convenient departure from Phuket's International Airport or you may choose to travel on independently.

Following the MAP program a special optional trip will be offered for those interested in an amazing adventure. This Eco-tourism trip in Phang Nga Bay offers an outstanding opportunity to experience caves and mangroves from the viewing platform of a sea kayak. The award winning John Gray SeaCanoe will make arrangements.

Program Dates: Feb.14-27, 2005
Fee not including airfare or food: $800/person
For more information contact: Dr. Lamar Robert
Mangrove Action Project's web site:

(If you're not interest in this study-tour please pass this flyer on to someone who might be or post it at your work place or school. THANKS

From: "MAP / S.E. Asia"

For more information, contact:

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Mangrove Action Project
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