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Published July 19, 2012 12:04 PM

New SaaS footprinting service targets polluting IT
Innovative measurement approach identifies specific items of inefficient IT and provides recommendations for how to replace

Bath, United Kingdom – As energy prices rise, large organisations have a big headache with the costs of keeping their IT alive.  It’s not always easy to know exactly what’s in the IT estate, and making generic assumptions about consumption rates means only estimated totals can be calculated.  With large differences in actual device consumption rates, what is needed is accuracy on a device-by-device basis.  That option now exists with the launch on an innovative SaaS-based service that determines IT footprints with device-level granularity. 

Uniquely, CO2High’s service works by using network discovery technology combined with a database of device energy consumption rates to provide an accurate way of determining footprints right down to each device in the estate.  This means that individual devices (such as desktops, routers, printers, servers, mobile devices) can have there consumption determined and compared to what is available in the marketplace.  Traditionally such a footprint would typically have been estimated using extrapolated averages from a manual audit.  The problem with such traditional estimates is that they can be inaccurate and only give an overall general view.  With this new service companies simply initiate the measuring process from their web browser and when the estate is fully discovered, the service delivers a PDF report.  This shows various views of energy consumption and provides recommendations for replacing energy inefficient devices. 

"This technology is a leap forward in better carbon management." says Tim Gibbs, CEO of CO2High, “In typical office environments 15-30% of energy costs are spent just keeping IT alive so there’s a huge gain available if IT consumption can be better understood.  Large estates means it’s a struggle to track what equipment a company might have, let alone determine how each device impacts their energy bill.  Our approach provides clarity by detecting all networked devices and works out footprints down to a device level.”

CO2High’s CIO Christine Headford adds “We’re delighted with the results of this new approach and pleased that the service has already been adopted by a major UK university even before its launch.  Companies are increasingly scrutinising energy spends and clearly there’s a need for better footprinting. Although organisations vary, our initial reviews show that this service can identify energy bill savings of between 8% and 20%.”

The service can be found at

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CO2High is a wholly privately owned company founded in early 2012 specifically as a vehicle for bringing the technology to market.  Images suitable for publishing can be found at .  Tim Gibbs and Christine Headford are founding directors of the business, and are both veterans of IT having each worked in IT for about 30

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