From: UTC Power
Published August 29, 2012 09:00 AM

Proven. Clean Energy Fuel Cells Power the World Around Us

August 2012, Hartford CT- Infographics serve to make complicated information simple by communicating visually. What could be more complicated than fuel cell technology? UTC Power has now utilized the power of the infographic to shine some light on their own power offerings. The PowerCell 400 CityScape Infographic shows the real world application of fuel cells throughout an illustrated city.

Organizations, building owners, and mass transit fleets value the unmatched financial and environmental benefits of fuel cell energy generation. From hospitals and supermarkets to schools and submarines, fuel cells are powering every aspect of our world. The CityScape Infographic is a non-science based way to show the depth and breadth of fuel cell application in our daily lives.

The fuel cell Infographic is available in both high-resolution format for printing and low-resolution for digital viewing and reposting. There is also an interactive version of the Infographic that allows users to explore the illustrated city and discover case studies of PureCell installations. 

Clean fuel cell solutions are powering a more efficient planet. UTC Power created this Infographic to help build awareness of the benefits of fuel cells as an alternative clean energy. With fuel cells and infographics, it’s about doing much more with far less.

UTC Power has been a leader in Fuel Cell technology since 1958 and is the only company with engineering experience in all five fuel cell types. Currently, their products power life-supporting environments in space and under the sea, along with our everyday public transit and building power, heating and cooling needs. For more information contact

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UTC Power

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