From: World Nature Organization
Published September 7, 2012 11:03 AM

World Nature Organization: Commission lays foundations for the selection of the host country

(Geneva, 7. Sept. 2012) – The Preparatory Commission for the World Nature Organization took a number of decisions that will lay the foundations for the structure of the Organization. The Commission also discussed the details of how to conduct the process of selecting the host country of the Organization.

Several countries expressed their interest in supporting the Preparatory Commission for the World Nature Organization (WNO) and they indicated that they would make offers to host the World Nature Organization. The decision on the host country is an important step for the Preparatory Commission.

The foundation of the World Nature Organization is one of the key outcomes of multilateral environmental protection negotiations. The role of the Organization is to turn declarations into implementable actions, to support the protection of the environment at an international level, and to protect water, soil, oceans, mountains, trees and climate.

According to the idea behind the foundation of the World Nature Organization, global environmental problems need a holistic approach rather than tackling them individually. Poverty, disease, environmental pollution and climate change are so intertwined that it is difficult to address one problem without addressing the others.

In addition to this, it is a challenge for countries to make environmental protection the top priority on their map of economic development. The WNO will connect these polarities and find the options which lie between. In this sense, the first meetings of the Preparatory Commission were a very productive start.

The Commission is looking forward to receiving expressions of interest for hosting the World Nature Organization. The Commission expects a strong partner who supports the work of the Organization. All States are invited to submit expressions of interest to the Commission to host the World Nature Organization.

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