From: Flood Risk Assessment
Published October 3, 2012 02:32 PM

Flood Risk Assessment Offers Affordable Reports to Homeowners Across Country

United Kingdom  – Flood Risk Assessment have made quite a name for themselves, offering affordable flood risk assessment reports as well as friendly and professional customer service.

Based in London, Flood Risk Assessment have worked with clients throughout England and Wales.  The team pride themselves on the fast, efficient, low cost and practical solutions that they provide to their customers and have received excellent feedback for the work they carry out.

Prospective clients need only visit the site at to understand the vast range of services that the team at Flood Risk Assessment carry out.   With a wealth of experience in the industry, the team are able to pass on their knowledge to their customers as well as ensure that they provide the most professional of services.

Flood Risk Assessment offer their clients continuous low costs on a range of services and whilst they see no short term gain, they do revel in the fact that their customers return to use them time and time again.

The team work hard to ensure that all queries are dealt with efficiently in order to offer homeowners and developers support during planning permission applications.  Customer satisfaction shines through on the site as the team enable a painless planning process.

Anyone who is considering submitting planning permission and therefore must have flood risk assessment reports can find out more at  The team are always happy to help and are at hand to answer any questions regarding the reports.

Website : Flood Risk Assessment

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