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Published January 7, 2013 01:06 PM

Homeowners Seeking Planning Permission Choose Ecological Consultancy from Arbtech

Arbtech have become known as the UK’s leading arboricultural and ecology consultancy.  With expert surveyors and consultants across the country, the team are able to offer fast, friendly and reliable advice on a range of topics surrounding planning permission.  This month, those seeking planning permission are looking to Arbtech for help who are currently offering their ecological consultancy for a competitive price.

It is often the case that homeowners and developers looking to submit planning permission are first asked to complete the relevant surveys including bat and tree surveys.  Although this process can often be long and arduous, many have seen the process less stressful thanks to the ecological consultancy from Arbtech which is currently on offer.

According to laws, governmental planning policy documents are required when putting planning permission in place which promises to preserve biodiversity and conservation in the UK.

Arbtech’s ecological consultancy and survey helps to secure p[planning permission by proving that said homeowner or developer has acknowledged and embraced certain policies by making species a consideration during design and throughout the application process.

Those who choose to have an ecological consultancy carried out by Arbtech will have the proposed site examined for species and habitats.  Any species of plants or animals will be recorded before considering whether a further report must be carried out.

It is important to ensure that quality advice is received before a homeowner or developer submits their planning application.  Arbtech and its team of experts are happy to help anyone who requires it.  For additional information on the surveys offered, please visit the website or contact a member of the team on 0845 0176 950.

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