Published January 22, 2013 11:19 AM

Professional Tree Surveys from Just £249 at is a tree survey consultancy which offers homeowners and developers a fast, efficient and professional service for the aid of mortgage approval and BS5837 planning requirements.  Those looking for tree assessments from experienced surveyors have turned to the team at of late, not only for their speed and expertise but also because they are currently offering all tree surveys from just £249.

The team at Tree Survey believe that they offer their customers the very best priced tree survey service for any purpose.  Depending on the customer’s requirements, Tree Survey can offer tree surveys for mortgages from just £249 whilst BS5837 tree assessments are provided from just £349.

The tree surveys carried out at are done so by a team who have been educated, trained and are highly experienced to perform tree assessments.  Unlike so many other companies, have an in-house team of tree surveyors and consultants so customers can rest assured that any work carried out at their property will be of the highest quality.

According to the latest laws, all planning authorities are duty bound to assess their proposed development and the impact that may have on trees and other vegetation on and off site.  In order to ensure that the aforementioned have been assessed fully, a number of documents must be produced.  These are collectively known as the BS5837 tree surveys.

The team at are experts in the field and will offer all customers free, informal advice on tree assessments and the formal reports which go with it.  Those who require a tree survey can rest assured that any work carried out will be done so to the highest standard and for the most competitive prices.

Contact one of the UK’s finest tree survey consultancy teams at on 08450176950 for more information.

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