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Published March 11, 2014 01:52 PM

Making Green/Wind/People-Powered Transportation Safer

Oakland, CA, USA - In 2001, while stopped at a signal in Silicon Valley, Tom Kahan saw a woman with a spinner taped to her bike's handlebar. In the proverbial flash of time it took to cross the street, he realized that if the spinner were really eye-catching, it would make cyclists more visible and safer.

When he then came up with a C-shaped flexible attachment device that attached to bike tubing with zip ties, he realized what he called Flecto Spinners would be able to also go on trikes, trailers, strollers, scooters, wheelchairs and walkers! Add to that eye-catching petals and…voila!…he had come up with what turned out to be the World’s 1st Safety Spinwheels, (as far as he and Google can see).

Figuring at that time the only economical way to produce them would be in China, he worked with a go-between between him and a Chinese factory and in small sample quantities they sold out and sold well in a few Bay Area bike and toy stores during the 2006 holiday season. Unfortunately, communication and quality fell apart, and he threw his hands up and walked away, losing thousands. Lo these many years later, he's now brushed himself off, is back in the ring and using the new grassroots method of crowdfunding to finance the production of the first batch in the USA! See his video and campaign at

But Tom says he's not just a "one trick pony". When you see the video, you'll see part of his follow up to Flecto Spinners, Mama Earth’s Global Goodies; i.e. mini-Earth flags that also go on bikes, strollers, wheelchairs etc. as well as t-shirts, caps and stickers. On them all will be the famous Apollo Earth photo with various eco/bike messages like Biking For A Better World, Biking's Cool, Global Warming andeco/grandchildren-friendly messages such as True Homeland Security: A Sustainable World, We're All In This Together etc.

Tom also says he's not out just to make the "big bucks" for himself. His company, Futur-Tek will be focused on social and environmental responsibility. As just part of that and inspired by Newman's Own, once making profit, they'll donate 10% to children's charities, with a goal of raising that to 75% within three years. Tom says it's all about making a better future for the sake of our children.

Contact Info: Tom Kahan, Founder/Owner of Futur-Tek
510-879-7781 office
510-703-5211 cell

Website : FlectoSpinner

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