From: Electron Power Systems, Inc.
Published April 23, 2014 06:32 PM

From Ball Lightning: a new discovery to provide clean energy for homes, buildings and vehicles

A new discovery based on ball lightning will lead to clean energy for homes, buildings and vehicles.  During ball lightning experiments Electron Power Systems, Inc. discovered a new, self-stable plasma toroid (or ring) that needs no external magnetic fields for confinement.  All other plasma toroids to date need external magnetic fields to confine them, and the magnetic fields are normally large and costly.

The picture shows the plasma toroid as is forma around an electric arc.  Under the correct circumstances electrons from the arc will stream out to form a toroid.  The new self-stable plasma toroid has ion densities measured at 10,000 times greater than what a magnetically confined fusion device such as a Tokamak can provide. This high ion density is the key to clean fusion energy and will lead to low-cost clean fusion energy systems for homes, buildings and vehicles.

The technology is the recent result of a thirty year study of ball lightning and a search for its explanation.  This is described in a recent peer-reviewed paper by D. Clint Seward, “Ball Lightning Events Explained as Self-Stable Spinning High-Density Plasma Toroids or Atmospheric Spheromaks,” IEEE Access, 5 March 2014.  This technology is patent applied for.  Go to for more details.

A book describing the technology and its applications is available through:

Electron Power Systems, Inc. has been researching alternative energy sources for thirty years and is located in Acton, MA.  The company is developing products based on the new self-stable plasma toroid and is actively raising funds for the product development effort.  Products will include a clean energy generator and a clean energy car.

Contact Info: D. Clint Seward at Electron Power Systems, Inc.; 978 263 3871

Website : Electron Power Systems, Inc.

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