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Published June 12, 2015 12:09 PM

Proyecto Mirador Announces 100,000th Stove!

Santa Barbára, Honduras: Proyecto Mirador, a non-profit, Gold Standard registered organization that built fuel efficient and healthy Dos por Tres wood-burning cookstoves in rural Honduras since 2004, will celebrate their 100,000th stove with a celebration in the park in San Vincente Centenario on Friday, June 12 from 10AM to 12PM.

"When we began constructing stoves in rural households in 2004 and built 250 in our first year, I never expected we would reach such an enormous number of households with our Dos por Tres," commented Founder and Director, Doña Emilia Mendoza. "We are especially proud that such a simple intervention does so much to improve the lives of those who have so little."

Director of Operations, Elder Mendoza, who joined the project in 2005, said, "We like to say our stoves are for health and the environment. Our stove, the Dos por Tres, improves the health of the family by allowing more complete combustion of the wood and then venting toxic smoke and soot away from the interior of the home. Since it uses about half the wood of a traditional stove it improves family economics and helps reduce forest degradation."

Richard Lawrence, Founder and Director, explained, "The Gold Standard Foundation in Switzerland has certified that the Dos por Tres creates reductions in global warming gases since less wood is consumed by a family. Thus, a ton of CO2 saved in Honduras can be purchased to "offset" the emissions of individuals and companies anywhere in the world and has been extremely important in the financial success of the organization."

Reina Mejia, a student at the primary school in La Vega created the name, Dos por Tres, for the stove 11 years ago. She knew that the saying "Dos por Tres" meant in an instant and linked the idea to her family stove that reduced wood, got rid of smoke in the house and helped preserve forests, all in an instant.

Today Proyecto Mirador employs 130 full and part time employees and obtains all the materials for the stove from local suppliers. A Dos por Tres stove lasts about 5 years through regular maintenance with a tool called The Cinco. Sr. Cinco is a popular cartoon character that helps make the maintenance steps more memorable.

For details about the celebration, or to request a stove, please call 504.2643-1868 or contact us through the website, or, Spanish at

Fact Sheet: High Resolution Photos Available Upon Request


  • Proyecto Mirador (PM) is a registered non-profit project that uses carbon finance, a market based solution, to build fuel-efficient stoves that address the problems of indoor air pollution, forest degradation, global warming and slow economic development in the poorest areas of rural Honduras.
  • Proyecto Mirador has been in operation since 2004
  • Founder and Director, Emilia Dominga Giron de Mendoza
  • Founder and Director, Richard H. Lawrence Jr.
  • Director of Operations, Elder Stanley Mendoza Mejia
  • 130 full and part time jobs
  • Created 17 small businesses (micro enterprises)
  • Uses an outsourced system of "Ejecutores" or construction managers to implement stove construction in individual homes
  • Certified more than 50 technicians in stove construction
About the Dos por Tres stove:
  • Name invented by 11 years old school girl, Reina Mejia to demonstrate the quick results from the installation of a stove
  • 400,000 people benefited from a stove built in their home
  • Two year back log of requests from people who would like to have a stove
  • Made in Honduras from local materials
  • Dos por Tres is not purchased by the stove user, the stove user contributes materials for construction, and no cash changes hands between Mirador and its users
  • Reduces wood use by 47%
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 14.5 mtCO2e over the life of the stove, verified annually
  • Saves about 19-36 trees over the life of the stove
  • Reduces particulate matter and carbon monoxide in the home by about 79%
  • 3 follow up visits ensure continued stove use, 134,000 interviews with users recorded.
About the Gold Standard
  • Mirador is the 4th stove project in the world to be certified as an emission reduction project
  • Rigorous methodology and reporting can be seen on line at and
Grass Roots Accomplishments
  • 100,000 stoves constructed
  • 24,000 stoves built in 2014
  • The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
  • The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
  • The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

  • Photo Credit: Charlotte Boulton 2014.

    Contact Info: Andrea Sandvig
    415 453 9594

    Website : Proyecto Mirador

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