From: Imperial College London
Published October 5, 2004 03:46 PM

Learners Go Online to Study Development Issues

Tuesday 5 October 2004 We are currently registering individuals from around the world who are wanting to take courses of study by distance learning, up to Masters' level, in the critically important field of development and sustainability. From our Wye campus we offer a range of quality, up-to-date, course modules that can lead to an MSc in Sustainable Development. We have already attracted a wide range of course applicants, from professionals working in related fields wanting to improve their knowledge and qualifications, to those looking for a career change, or those who doing this out of pure interest and concern. Learners can study at their own rate with up to five years to complete a Masters' degree. There are also Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas that require less time, or you can take individual modules and obtain a "short course" certificate. We are currently completing the preparation of four core modules, to be delivered by a mix of CD-ROM, published texts and other readings. We provide everything, including a wide range of web links and portals, to allow learners to pursue particular areas of interest in as much depth as they wish. Central to the learning experience is an on-line learning environment (OLE), serviced by an experienced team of highly qualified tutors.

If you are interested in applying we are keeping open the application lines until the end of November for a start in February 2005. Find out more by following the weblink in my signature below or please email me direct. I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Smith
Deputy Director, Distance Learning Programme,
Imperial College London, Wye Campus, Ashford, Kent,
TN25 5AH, UK
Phone: (44) (0)20 7594 2840
Fax: (44) (0)1233 812138

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