World On Pace to Hit 4.8°C by End of Century, Says UN Scientific Panel
April 15, 2014 11:36 AM - Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

Fast actions to cut short-lived climate pollutants can help, along with expanding renewable energy, other measures

The Power of Poop launches Earth Day, 4/22/14, to help save the world.
April 10, 2014 02:38 PM - Hippo Works

As you may know, there is an immediate urgency to stabilize our climate. This is a very serious issue I care deeply about — even though — as a cartoonist, I work to make people laugh.

World Health Organization Confirms Air Pollution Is World's Single Largest Preventable Health Risk
March 26, 2014 12:15 PM - Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

Health Risk 7 million deaths annually are linked to indoor and outdoor air pollution Addressing air pollutants could save millions of lives & cut warming in half by 2030

This Product is Pure Genius
New Air-Purifying Hardwood Floor is First-of-its-Kind in World
March 25, 2014 05:22 PM - Gail Bergman PR

Spring 2014 – A new product recently launched on the North American market makes living spaces healthier from the ground up – literally. The first of its kind in the world, Pure Genius® smart hardwood flooring by leading North American manufacturer Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring, improves indoor air quality of a home while beautifying the decor.

EU Parliament approves fast phasedown of HFCs
March 12, 2014 02:50 PM - Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

Washington, DC, 12 March – A phasedown of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in new air-conditioning and refrigeration was overwhelming approved by the European Parliament today, and will achieve a 79% reduction by 2030.  The vote was 644 in favor, 19 opposed, with 16 abstentions.

Making Green/Wind/People-Powered Transportation Safer
March 11, 2014 01:52 PM - FlectoSpinner

Oakland, CA, USA - In 2001, while stopped at a signal in Silicon Valley, Tom Kahan saw a woman with a spinner taped to her bike's handlebar. In the proverbial flash of time it took to cross the street, he realized that if the spinner were really eye-catching, it would make cyclists more visible and safer.

Dr. Harshwanti Bisht, Indian mountaineer and conservationist, wins Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal
March 11, 2014 12:34 PM - Mountain Legacy (

"During our [1984 Indian] Everest Expedition we saw how Sir Edmund Hillary has worked in that area. So that also inspired us to work..." (Indian mountain climber and ecologist Harshwanti Bisht, explaining her motivation to "Save Gangotri")

Climate Change a Growing "Threat Multiplier," Says Pentagon
March 5, 2014 09:33 PM - Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

Pentagon showing global leadership on climate threats

Georgia's clean energy industry provides over 9,700 full-time jobs
March 4, 2014 06:34 PM - Southface

Report provides valuable details of Georgia clean energy firms, jobs and revenue

February 26, 2014 10:17 AM - Speak for the Trees

Non-profit Produces Short Documentary to Bring Awareness to Important Environmental Issue

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