From: Robin Blackstone, ENN
Published October 15, 2013 11:12 AM

"Collegiate Corner", COMING SOON!

ENN is launching a new section called the "Collegiate Corner" for college and university students at ALL levels (undergrad, grad and PhD) to submit original work for publication. We are looking for environmental writing and scientific studies. This is an opportunity for students to become recognized in their field utilizing their own writing and work. Items considered appropriate include research papers, posters, or studies to include any of the following subjects: toxicology, land use, biology, regulatory, social, economic, health, etc. Preferred works include those that are either global in appeal or their lessons can be applied globally.  



Questions as to the suitability or appropriateness of a 400-word submission should be directed to Robin Blackstone, Once received ENN will review for suitability and post. Submissions may be linked back to the student's University repository for reading of the entire original study or work. ENN does not guarantee publication of all submissions and reserves the right to publish at will. Further, ENN reserves the right to publish according to its time frame based upon the current day's news content. Written work may very well be a submitted assignment from class.

Written submissions should be provided in docx format. One image is encouraged per submission. Drawings, charts and artwork can be submitted in pdf or jpg formats. 

Students will not be compensated for their submissions but may include contact information at the end or bottom of their submission. If the student does not include contact information then it is assumed that the student does not wish to have this publicized and ENN will publish only the student's name and NOT their contact information. Students should be sure to include the name of their collegiate institution and potentially their anticipated graduation year. Students will be credited for their work within the context of the Collegiate Corner of ENN's website and will retain ownership of their article or submission for subsequent use.

This is a new section that is currently being developed but we anticipate that the section will occupy this space. We are excited to have this new section and look forward to seeing the current research and work. 

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