From: Flavio Avalos, Class of 2015, Wakefield High School, Arlington, VA
Published February 24, 2014 01:07 PM

COLLEGIATE CORNER: Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Resources

Fossil fuels have been the main source of the energy all over the world. They increase the amount of CO2 emissions, and the emission of CO2 is a great cause of global warming in the atmosphere, destroying the atmospheric layers. What can we do to lower the demand of fossil fuels and become more eco friendly with renewable energy resources? The percent of US transportation sector consumption is 95.4% fossil fuels (Article 3), and this shows the reliance of the US on fossil fuels. As the Institute for Energy states, "Fossil Fuels make modern life possible" and that the only reason that our modern society works and the privileges we get are all due to the fact of fossil fuels (Article 3). Need I remind you: fossil fuels are limited and could go out? 


Where would that leave this modern life we all so adore? Now fossil fuels are becoming more monopolistic, controlling the energy, but how is that safe? Power equals money, but energy equals power. Fossil Fuels provide around 90% of the world’s energy; however, even though fossil fuels may provide more energy, they harm the environment while we use the energy. There are three major sources in fossil fuels: coal, natural gas, and petroleum. While renewable sources may not be as proven as the fossil fuels, they are still making developments in the renewable resources technology and if expanded renewable resources could prove just as effective as fossil fuels or maybe even more effective. Renewable resources should be used more often than the fossil fuels, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to start a new era of energy, making our modern life a little more futuristic.

Energy relies on three basic necessities: dependence, consumption, and lastly ease of appropriating. We are coming to the point in society where we need energy just as badly as we need oxygen. As mentioned before the world’s energy is 90% fossil fuels and the U.S. is not even the main supplier, instead Saudi Arabia is the main crude oil supplier. If the U.S. was to run out of their oil deposits would we become as reliant on Saudi Arabia as we are to crude oil? Two countries with so much tension, one would get the leverage and could possibly hold it against the other. It is not impossible for Iceland, the greenest country in the world; it only has a dependence of 15 percent of its energy on fossil fuels. Iceland uses renewable resources like geothermal energy and hydropower energy, and combined makes 85% of its energy showing fossil fuels are not greatly needed.

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