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Published May 1, 2014 03:11 PM

Thoughtfully green Mother's Day gifts for your mother and Mother Nature

No one is more special that your own mother…especially on Mother's Day. Celebrate your own mother and "Mother Nature" with one of these five great green gift ideas. These options offer a sustainable alternative to the chemical-laden flowers and mass-produced chocolates that dominate the market on Mother's Day.

 1. Buy eco-friendly flowers

Although they are a beautiful part of nature, flowers aren't always eco-friendly. Most flowers are grown with a slew of chemicals and pesticides. They also typically come from warmer climates, such as South America, and have to make a long temperature-controlled journey before they reach your door. Opt for a greener option instead. There are several companies that sell eco-friendly flowers that are organically and locally grown. You could also purchase a potted plant from your local nursery. Not only are potted plants greener, they typically last a lot longer than a fresh-cut bouquet.

2. Make a donation 

Instead of buying your mom a trinket or knickknack this year, buy her something that will make her feel good. Make a donation to her favorite charity or pick one you think she would want to support. Avoiding commercial products in favor of a donation can help reduce your environmental impact and help a worth charity make a difference in the world.

 3. Take her somewhere

If a donation isn't quite your mom's style, you can still get away with not buying a physical present. Instead, treat your mom to a special outing. Take her to an eco-friendly day-spa, out to a fancy dinner or take in a play at your local theater.

 4. Go Consumable

If you just have to purchase a physical gift, opt for something consumable. A nice bottle of wine makes a great gift. Once it's been consumed, the bottle can be recycled. A box of Fair Trade chocolate is another smart alternative. The chocolate is often produced through small-scale operations on sustainable farms. Plus chocolate is just delicious.

 5. Try recycled jewelry

Jewelry makes a great Mother's Day gift and there are lots of eco-friendly options on the market. A number of jewelry companies make jewelry out or recycled silver, gold or even glass. Another green option is to buy used jewelry at a flea market or antique store.

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