From: York University
Published July 17, 2017 08:36 AM

Milky Way could be home to 100 billion failed stars

An international research team has discovered that anywhere from 25 to 100 billion failed stars reside in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is the celestial home to Earth.

The failed stars, which are known as Brown dwarfs, are astronomical entities that are too large to be planets and too small to be stars.

Astronomer Ray Jayawardhana, who is dean of the Faculty of Science at York University, is a member of the research team that made the discovery.

Classified as substellar objects, Brown Dwarfs are unable to sustain stable hydrogen fusion in their core, a hallmark of stars like the Sun and they are too large to be planets. Many are found in star clusters, which are thought to be the universe’s nursery for new stars.


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Photo via York University.

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